The Exceptional Quality Of A Bad Blog Post.

Today we have a guest post courtesy of Peter J. For those of you who don’t know him; he is a cool dude from the land down under and an avid blogger from over at Ideasbubble

So, take it away Peter…

From when we start learning, we have this notion of quality drilled into us where everything has to be perfectly structured, ordered, done this way or that; because if it’s not, then it is wrong.

Being a writer means that you have to get every sentence perfect, no grammatical errors or anything; and people often are ready to hire editors upon editors just to make sure that things sound perfect.

This stupid notion of order!

And even this post, so far, sounds a bit too ‘in order’ as well. It can actually be the downfall of everything you do, overkill – trying to make something too good may result into not having time to complete other important things.

I remember a few years back, my English teacher kept most of my classmates back at lunch time because only about 3 people could spell the word ‘Antarctica’. We would always forget the ‘c’ and the teacher would complain at us without our knowledge of what exactly went wrong. It made me think, “Why the hell does this matter?” I mean how often do we use the word Antarctica in daily life? (Spell check popped up, I still can’t spell it :P )

A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual, and only the individual reader is important to me – Vladimir Nabokov

Individuals do not judge you because of a spelling mistake:

You’re not going to be hunted down and murdered because you made one tiny little grammatical error, nor are people going to hate you because you missed out the ‘c’ in a word.  People do not care! As long as you can portray your message in the best way you can and is actually interesting to your readers – you are heading in the right direction.

And this relates to blogging too!

Perfectly structured posts with every word flowing… Why the hell do we have to do that? People want information out of posts, things that will help them, not just a neat and organized layout that is specifically written as professional write-ups. I could write on my page like


And this!

And this!

For all I care; it doesn’t matter! Throw words all over the page; add colors where it counts and get your message across if you want to completely out smash the competition.

Blogging is all about getting what you have to say out there, and that doesn’t need to happen in a fully prepared article with hours of dedication and planning – write and get your message to your readers!

How can getting your message out be related to a bad post?

We are bloggers and that is what sets us different from the rest of the writing world. We express opinions, have different viewpoints and also have strong communities to back our claims. What does that mean? People want to hear the real you!

Photo Credit: Sha-x-dow

Following from the quote above; “A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual, and only the individual reader is important to me.” It is exactly in this that Vladimir Nabokov gets his message across.

The real value of something ties down to the individual, not a society or huge clan of people; but each and every individual. Trying to impact the lives of a society, all at once, is a huge mistake and will lead to nothing. Focus on changing the lives of one individual at a time and this will lead to something bigger and better.

Your audience want to hear from the real YOU! It is an obvious sign that you are the one who is showing them something which will stick with them; Your message, not something that has just been spun out of careful editing so that it could go through the media.

People want to be able to connect with you as the author and as an individual!

This is where the media, newspapers and magazines have all gone wrong. They all produce content that is written for a society, and impacts a society in general. It does nothing for the individual reader, but is rather produced in mass just to take the more money out of you.

What may be considered as trash to a publishing company could possibly change an individual.

This “so called” bad content that would have a publishing company vomiting if they read it – could be an extremely valuable guide that may change some individual’s life forever. Why? Because it comes from YOU!

Have you got the message yet? A fair bit of this post is about YOU! YOU! YOU!

Trash to a publishing company can be valuable to an individual, and here is exactly why:

It shows that you are human:

People want to read about you and what you have to say. A poorly structured blog post that has grammatical errors and problems in its writing is actually a sign that you are showing your thoughts in an un-edited way, a free flow of your ideas.

Unlike articles that are constantly refined and have everything censored so that it does not show a conflict of interest. What YOU have to say is important; and a poorly written post with errors can often show a much more powerful message than something that has been perfectly structured and everything of quality in it, stripped out.

You care about what you have to say, more than something that has been refined down to look professional:

Content that has not been heavily modified and shows a true expression of thoughts is content that truly provides an impact for the reader. Writing a post that doesn’t put emphasis on neat layout and all is a sign to readers that you care more about what you say than appearance. Readers need to know that what you say is of truth; and through your own writing.

Next time you write a post, put as much emphasis as you can on writing what you think is right. You will not be studied because something sounded grammatically incorrect; but rather, people will see that you are writing from your heart – the truth that you have to say.

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22 Responses to The Exceptional Quality Of A Bad Blog Post.

  1. Hi Peter,

    Awesome post here.

    It’s the message, not the packaging. The passion behind your message creates the connection. People who are looking for each “i” to be dotted and each “t” to be crossed before taking in the full meaning of your message are missing the point.

    Only nitpickers and editors matter when it comes to make your blog posts perfect. Who cares about the first crowd. As for editors unless you write for someone else you don’t need to worry about them.

    Never forget that the intent behind your blog post trumps all other factors. I’ve seen bloggers with a poor command of the English language generate 100 plus comments on their posts. Intense debates, sugary compliments and a general buzz have accompanied posts that I read which were grammatically poor. Doesn’t matter. The energy behind the post created the effect.

    We sense impressions on a subconscious level. It all has to do with the blogger’s intent and those who focus strictly on looking for the perfect post are ignoring the real stuff behind the post in favor of window dressing.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Peter.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Home Based Business Tips – Follow These Steps to Grow it Like a WeedMy Profile

    • Peter J says:

      Great point there; in the end it comes down to the individual, and the lasting impression that your writing has on them is all that matters.

      It’s the same as a budget film can have just as much of an effect as a film that’s had tens of millions of dollars put into it as long as it gets the message across, not all the fancy effects and all.

      • Adam Paudyal says:

        @ Peter,

        Thank you so much for you awesome insights. It is a great privilege to feature your post over here at endeavor online.

        @ Ryan,

        Yes indeed, it is the message and not the packaging. I really like the way you put it Ryan – each i to be dotted and each t to be crossed – that is freaking cool man..seriously!

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving your awesome insights Ryan.

        Later guys!

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Peter

    Spoken like a true Gen Yer lol Long, long ago, before the age of cell phones and iPads and the like, we had spelling tests. And more spelling tests. Your teacher may have been from my era…..I know the very long time ago era ;-)

    Now it’s texting (even I have had to learn the language to fit my message in) and lots of people as you rightly say just want to hear your message.

    That has meant a paradigm shift for us ‘olds’ who do notice grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and the like!!! However, I must say I am so encouraged by you Peter and many other young bloggers who utilise their time productively in the blogosphere.

    You are getting your message out there and it shows in your content and the responses you are getting….even compliments from this baby boomer. Go Gen Y and we will keep supporting you….spelling mistakes and all ;-)

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..At Lavenderuses Safety First Means…My Profile

    • Peter J says:

      Hahaha, i still remember spelling tests, :) i think i had one every Friday and you had to learn the words over the week or you would… fail.

      Actually they did studies and say that people who text way to often are considered… O_o but i keep to real english as much as i can; to hopefully avoid all of that. :P

      Thanks for the comment and support Patricia :)
      Peter J recently posted..Quora will change the way you blog- and probably everything else alsoMy Profile

      • Adam Paudyal says:

        Paradigm shift huh – well the world is changing fast including the way we do things on a daily basis. There is always going to be revolution, transformation…or should I rather say, metamorphosis…haha…

        Now who is Gen. Yer…well let me google it and find out!

        Talking about spelling tests…Yeah, we used to have them back in my school days as well and man I hated them.

  3. Ben Wan says:

    Hi Peter,

    Well said, what you are refering to is write as the creator and put the editor in us aside. I don’t know why but that is a recurring idea these days for me.

    Maybe I should take that note and go write my next post.

    Ben Wan
    Ben Wan recently posted..How to Get Highly Targeted Traffic through Social BookmarkingMy Profile

  4. Murlu says:

    Fantastic work Peter

    I remember arguing once with an English Major about how it was a fallacy to even bother with proper structuring and grammar because, at the end of the day, the message is what matters.

    It’s not about how you use 3 sentences per paragraph or it MUST be 5 pages long; it’s about making an impact.

    That’s why the web is a multimedia platform – text only goes so far which is why adding video and audio picks up the other areas.

    People need to realize that they have to just write with meaning – and avoid all the other BS that is “proper” English.
    Murlu recently posted..Eight Ingenious and Profitable Niche Site IdeasMy Profile

    • Peter J says:

      Proper English is English that leaves a message to the reader, no matter how bad it sounds. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world doesn’t agree with it, as long as you can make sure that it does have that impact, then those perfectionists will never mean anything.

      I remember last year, i was told that i could write a poem or short story for an English assessment. I decided to do a poem because i needed a break. I was told that the poem had to be the same length as the short story. So in the end i didn’t do to well at it; i would have preferred getting the message across in about a page but couldn’t.
      These requirements are just bs.
      Peter J recently posted..Quora will change the way you blog- and probably everything else alsoMy Profile

  5. Fran Aslam says:

    Hi Peter:

    What a nice time to come across your guest post, when I know your blog well and read a post yesterday. Peter as you said in your comment you have no problem writing. Your posts prove it. You have good writing skills and you express your thoughts in a very simple and clear manner which is a great asset to writing. Well peter I do understand and do it to if we do not care for grammar and construction of the sentenace some times. It happens to me when I am in a hurry, my thought will get up and down as I am trying to transfer it on the computer or paper in a hurry, and I hate changing it too , as it takes more time.

    But keeping track of Grammar and construction of sentences is to add quality to your writing. It makes the reader feel normal and it makes the writer
    a better person who people will like to know as he/she does write so perfect. When it adds quality to the reader and writer both it makes sense to write and proof read.

    Great post keep up the good work.

    fran A
    Fran Aslam recently posted..The Easiest Way To Improve Writing SkillsMy Profile

  6. A lot of really great information to take in here. I hope to learn more useful stuff from you soon. Keep up the great work.
    Jared Holland recently posted..65 Percent of People Purchase Digital Goods OnlineMy Profile

  7. Alex says:

    Peter mate!

    Great post, and what I liked most is that it was bursting with personality – really engaging and I unique approach to an age old question about who one should be writing for.
    I totally agree with the message here, that being that it is THE message you should be focusing on, not who you are talking to or how it might make you look.

    At the same time I should point out that you still need to actually know what the … you are talking about AND grammatical incorrect is OK, but grammatically incoherent, now THAT is not fun.

    THanks for sharing Peter and Adam :)
    Alex recently posted..The Keyword Blogger Found his Niche! Like itMy Profile

  8. Adam says:

    Wonderful reading Peter,

    well grammar is not my best friend since I am not a native English speaker and sometimes I find it really hard to write properly. But I learned that although grammar is important it is not the reason why people keep returning to read your articles. It is the information the added value it is YOU that make them return.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Adam recently posted..31 Things I Learned About Blogging In 2010My Profile

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  10. Amr Boghdady says:

    Great post Peter!
    I’ve learned never to try to perfect each sentence, I just write whatever comes to my mind first, that way it feels more natural, and each sentence becomes more connected to the one following it.
    I usually only spell-check my post once I finish writing it, and then skim quickly through it to check for any grammatical errors.

    Some might call me lazy, but I’ve actually found myself to be much more productive when I follow that simple method :)
    Amr Boghdady recently posted..German PrepositionsMy Profile

  11. Thiru says:

    Wonderful post peter…

    Grammar mistakes are quite normal for the blogger from non-english speaking contries or region, but the matter is, Do we try to correct those mistakes or not? Most of the blogger not wants to do that, Like Fran said, it may be the time constraint.

    Good post peter.
    Thiru recently posted..Sitetophonecom – Easy way to send linksMy Profile

  12. Praveen says:

    Hey, nice and a very good piece of share. I like the way this has been crafted. Keep up the great work. promoted the post.. Thanks
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