Smart Goal Setting: The Paradox Behind Your Online And Offline Success.

Smart Goal Setting: The Paradox Behind Your Online And Offline Success.

Just recently I created a blueprint for my online endeavor for this year where I briefly talked about my smart goal setting approach. So, here today I want to talk about what SMART goal setting is and how to implement this goal setting process on a daily basis; for both your online and offline success. The main reason why you need to be familiar with this approach is so that you would be able to know straightaway if the goals you set are smart or not.

But, what exactly is a SMART goal setting? Here’s what Wikipedia defines the criteria of smart goal settings as;

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Realistic

T - Time bound

Let me elaborate little bit on these so you know what this is really all about.


Being specific should always be the first part of your goal setting method since this is essential for your success. The actuality of getting specific on what you want to achieve from blogging or your other online endeavors is in fact very critical. This is not only true for your online approach but is also valid for offline goal settings because it is important to know what you want and by when you want it. That way, you can devise a plan to reach the goals you set.

For instance, If you want to create 10 niche sites in a month’s time, you need to have a specific plan; something like one niche site every 3 days so that you can reach your goals in that specific time frame or try your best to get to that point.

Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself to see if your goal is specific or not:

  • What do I want to gain?
  • By when do I want to see the results?
  • How am I going to make it possible?

A great example to this in my own context is; By December 2011, I want to earn thousand dollars a month from blogging, niche sites and creating my own products.

Notice that this goal I set has specific answers to the entire questions above. I have pointed out what I want to achieve, by when I want to see the results and how I am going to make it happen?


If your goals are not measurable, it is very hard to manage what you want to achieve.

If my goal is to make thousand dollars a month online, by the end of this year as in the example I gave above, I can check my progress every week or every month so that I can adjust accordingly as required.

Some examples of not so inordinate measurable goals are:

  • I want more visitors to my site.
  • I am going to make a stable income online by the end of this year.

You probably notice that the example I gave on making thousand dollars a month by the end of this year is a good example of a goal that is measurable.

Now, your goals can be specific and measurable but if they are not achievable and realistic then there is no point in setting such goals.

Achievable and Realistic:

Achievable and realistic approach sort of goes hand in hand. To achieve your desired goals you must put effort to attain them. However, if you set your goals too high, they may not be realistic. Having realistic goals that you can achieve is crucial in order to work towards attaining those goals.

You may not have the ability or skills to turn your goals into reality. Hence, you might need to work on gathering and learning the skills. So, keep in mind how long it is going to take you to learn that skill. Understand that you don’t have to solely rely on your own skills and abilities to make your goals achievable and realistic. You can take the smart approach and outsource it if you think it is going to take time or you need somebody’s help to turn your goals into reality.

Let’s look at another example here; If you want to make hundred dollars a month from your niche sites but you don’t have a slightest clue on what niche sites are, how to create them, what niche to focus on, keyword research and other various essentials to create the niche sites, your goals are not attainable and realistic.

Under these circumstances, you might need a professional help or training. Finding a mentor or a group of mentors as in a mastermind group could be your only way to attain the desired outcome.

If you are not realistic and have too high expectations, it can severely impact your self-esteem and can have a negative impact on working towards attaining them goals you truly desire. Being realistic about your available time, skills and knowledge can open up your mind into getting somebody else’s help so that you can work towards what you truly want to achieve.

Time bound:

I already did briefly talk about how goals need to be time bound above, as this also goes hand in hand with other goal setting processes.

Let me give you my own example here; In April of 2009, I remember setting a goal to have a hobby pet website up and running in 3 months. 3 months later I was still saying the same thing. Now, what went wrong with my goal was that it was not specifically time bound. Instead of what I said, I should have said – By July 2009, I am going to get my site up and running. This would have been my measurable, specific and time bound goal setting approach so that I could do whatever it took; the best I could, to attain that goal.

I finally said F**k it on September 2009 and created the site; wrote 45+ SEO optimized articles on various pets and pet care and was already making pocket change by the end of October.

You get my point here. Don’t you? To achieve your goals, you must have a time set; by when you want to complete it or else you will be in the same situation I was in.

In conclusion, smart goal setting approach gives you a great idea about what you want to attain, by when you want to attain it and how you are going to do so. It helps you work on your goals so that you can stop procrastinating and actually get down to it!

What do you think about SMART goal setting approach?

Please feel free to comment down below and add to the above conversation. Plus, if you like this article Tweet it, share it in Facebook or your favorite social media outlets.

Here’s to your successful online endeavor!

-Adam Paudyal.

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  2. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Adam,

    Indeed we need to blog smart, achieving the maximum results at a minimum effort. I think the common mistake people make is M=Measurable. As the example you have given, i want to earn money but how much. All tips are spot on. We can only become smart if we complete S.M.A.R.T.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Lye Kuek Hin recently posted..5 Post Ideas to Help You Generate More Comments-Increase its PopularityMy Profile

    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Yes indeed Lye. We have to know what we want from all the time we invested in doing what we do on a regular basis.

      You know, there are lots of bloggers out there who have been writing posts after posts on a daily or weekly basis in hopes of making stable online income online for years. I am not saying they are bad writers. Some of them do create exceptional and insightful posts but I think a lot of them don’t realize that blogging is just a platform for other online ventures. They don’t have specific and measurable goals like you mentioned. They are just going at it like a bull chasing the red rag.

      Thanks for stopping by brother.

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  4. Fran Aslam says:

    Hi Adam:

    I am glad to see your new post as I was concerned about the time issue for you. I hope things are better at home front. As I personally feel, everyone should take care of their personal life first and your home is your first priority. Once you have that focus, you have peace, and confidence and you can do the professional aspect of your life much easily.

    Liked your post here. Analysis of the Smart is good.
    it makes perfect sense.

    Keep up the good work

    Fran A
    Fran Aslam recently posted..20 Ways To Provide Killer Blog Writing ContentsMy Profile

  5. Adam Paudyal says:

    Fran, you are 110% percent right (O:

    Personal life do come first because if you are having problems in your personal life, it really does hamper your your online output; especially blogging and your readers can really read this like a book.

    Besides, what goes on behind the scenes of your blog really makes a huge difference in having focus and being motivated.

    Time is always an issue and I know it is not just true in my case. I think we will all have the same issue with time even if we had 48 hours in a day. What do you think ?

    Talking about time; this is what my next post is going to be about – which is going live this coming Saturday.

    Everything is back to normal at the house now. Everybody is back into the groove. I deeply and truly appreciate your concern Fran. Knowing and networking with awesome people like you provide a great deal of motivation to me to go at it on a daily basis.

    Talk to you later Fran.
    You have a wonderful day!

  6. Jorge says:

    Agreed. This can also be applied to business goals. We are using a free online goal setting tool for business.

    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Smart goal setting can be applied to any facet of our lives; online, offline, business goals and so on.

      I have never heard about the tool you mentioned above but definitely am going to keep it in mind if I ever need to manage the goals for my employees (O:

  7. Zac says:

    So what did you do with all the pet articles? Did all of your hard work eventually pay off?

    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Zac, It certainly did pay off. I am still reaping the benefits as the AdSense ads I plastered in the articles are making me money without having to do any further work. The money is not that significant enough, about 20 to 70 dollars a month but sometimes help me pay at least one of my bills (O:

      Besides, the articles alone help me get 100+ visitors to the site daily as I do not promote the site using social media or anything like that. The webpages are pretty much basic html pages I created using Dreamweaver. I am in the process of transferring it into the content management system WordPress and make it all pretty and stuff so that I can build up on the site as I have plans to create an eCommerce site selling pet products.

  8. Murlu says:

    This is really great Adam, love the idea of SMART.

    You caught me at the perfect timing because I’m putting together a post on staying productive (totally going to link over).

    For me, it’s all about figuring out the most valuable actions I can do each day, set them and knock em down one by one without overloading myself.

    Anyway, thanks for the great read and I’ll be catching you around :)
    Murlu recently posted..An Unconventional Guide to Kickin’ Ass in 2011My Profile

  9. Adam Paudyal says:

    Hey Murray, thanks for stopping by brother.

    Awesome, a post about staying productive; I absolutely love reading them kind of posts. Looking forward to it brother.

    Talk to you later!

  10. Patricia says:

    Hi Adam

    I am being more laser focused now. Having set goals and setting time to achieve those goals is the way to go. Otherwise as you say it is too easy to procrastinate. I much prefer to have set goals to work towards.

    Collaboration and being part of a group that actively help one another is another way I am able to move forward too. I have strengths and others have different strengths. As we all input one another’s projects, a lot more will be achieved.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia recently posted..A Gardener’s Guide to Growing a BusinessMy Profile

    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Right on Pet! Being part of an active group or community certainly motivates you to excel more than you have ever imagined before. I experienced that first hand in Murlu’s mastermind group.

      Laser focus huh! I certainly like that attitude Pat.
      You have a blessed day. Talk to you later!

  11. Steve says:

    Great post,

    SMART goal setting really is a wonderful way to get things done.

    The way I see it, it is all about being focused. You set exact goals. They are doable. You allocate the time to do them. And get them done.

    There is little being “wishy washy” in there. You do it or you don’t. It really does all grow off of your plan and that hinges on making actionable steps.

    Thanks for another great post.
    Steve recently posted..Stop Playing Affiliate Marketing Frogger And See Real ResultsMy Profile

  12. Adam Paudyal says:

    Setting exact goals on what you want, figuring out what steps you need to take to get it done and taking action to take care of the things one step at a time is what being smart is all about.

    Much like what Murray says in the comment he made;
    figuring out the most valuable actions to do each day and knock em down one by one without overloading ourselves.

    Thanks for the awesome input Steve.

  13. Mark says:

    Great tip on the “Time Bound” I am guilty of of setting goals such as should take me a month etc. and then a year later I’m still saying yea should take a month. I’m going to follow your advice and set some real goals that are time bound and realistic.
    Mark recently posted..personalized wedding giftMy Profile

  14. hi Paudyal,

    your great definitions for the word of SMART is really a very smart thinking . you given a perfect way to get achievement by your five tips.

    nice sharing Adam.
    eGrove System recently posted..Advantages of Magento Website Development ServicesMy Profile

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  16. ScannerMan says:

    In my new endeavor, a sport, due to its heavy mental and physical component, smart goal setting has been essential.

  17. Good Advice Adam,
    The SMART formula works well but there are still many questions about goal setting, like
    Why do so many people set goals, start to make progress and then backslide diminishing the results they get? Why do many people start to consciously work towards their goals and then unconsciously sabotage their success?
    The answer is simply. Many people do not condition themselves. We are creatures of habit. Our daily habits(actions/behaviors) determine our results.
    A key element in achieving goals is conditioning your neurology for success. By doing so, you will keep in alignment at the neurological level.

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