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  1. James M says:

    There is some really great web tools available that are free and add a lot of punch to your Twitter accounts. SocialOoMph is one of my favourites. You can manage multiple accounts, auto add people who follow you, set an automated welcome DM when people follow you and more. I have a review on my blog, but I am on my cell and can’t share it. Look them up in Google.

    The other tool I use is su.pr. it allows me to post to multiple accounts, including Facebook. Schedule your tweets and get stats on the clicks too. Simple and handy.

    • Adam Paudyal says:

      James, I have used Su.pr before and you are right; it is simple and handy and a great way to drive traffic to your site.

      I have never used SocialOoMph but heard a lot of good things about it. I did read the review in your site – may be I ought to give it a try (O:

      Thanks for the share man!

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Adam

    I saw Ana tweet that she doesn’t check DM but does email! I know other busy bloggers/marketers who don’t check DM either.

    The first thing I do when I go on Twitter is check DM and my @lavenderuses to see if any messages left, or posts RT so I can acknowledge the tweeter and reply to DM.

    The reason I mention this is to point out everyone does what suits their situation. I have found what works for me and one thing I don’t do is automated tweets. I also don’t tweet continuously as you suggested 4-6 at a time. The reason I don’t do it is cos I think it can be seen as spamming if done too often!

    Once I enjoy reading a blog and feel I want to interact then I will follow that blogger. Don’t expect a follow back as I am going to that blog to learn. Some bloggers will wait several days before they follow back to see the tweeters interaction on Twitter first.

    I have grown my list organically and like doing it that way. Some go for numbers in the hope that if they have enough followers, some will convert to customers/regular visitors.

    At the end of the day; we will find what works for us. Good on you for discussing your plans and I hope it works for you Adam.

    Patricia Perth Australia
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    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Right on Pat – It is all about experimenting to find out what works for us. I also wasn’t really in DMs and automated tweets but in order to use Ana’s system efficiently, looks like I am going to have to use them both (O:

      Thanks for the sincere comments. You are one awesome Aussie!

  3. Hi Adam:

    Very informative post you have here as usual. Ana Hoffman is the famous queen of blog traffic and specially twitter. You are also using twitter for promoting purposes. Twitter is one of my main source too. But I have not made special rules to follow, I go with my mental trend and strategies that are free and more natural to connect. This produces quality in every tweet and so more response, and more freedom to my action.

    However, I loved your # 2 strategy and how you have enhanced it by adding the idea of creating a page for visitors promotion.

    This is an awesome idea that Guru’s can not come up with but you did. You can use this gem to create your credibility on the web. this can be exploded to something big.

    Keep up the good work, focus on new ideas and you will get numberless followers.

    Enjoy pre Valentine day with your family.

    Fran A
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    • Adam Paudyal says:

      I am glad you like the strategy Fran.

      I agree with you here to an extent. Quality tweets like you said are effective however, I noticed that providing social proof with the number of twitter followers can really help brand a blog.

      Appreciate your comments. Happy V-day to you as well; even though I am a day late (O:

  4. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the fantastic article!

    I think you give great ways of boosting your Twitter presence. One very good point that you made very clear that you can socialize twittwer as much as you want, but the main focus should be driving them back to your site, or to another persons site.

    Personally, I love Twitter. I don’t use Facebook even thou every tells me to. For some reason I just never really liked facebook too much. I also wrote a article about boosting Twitter followers, because I’m getting some luck in that area.

    Slowly but surely my following builds everyday. Online you always have to focus on attracting your target audience. You can have success trying to attract an audience that has nothing to do what what your promoting. I learn that the hard way my first time around, but hey lesson learned so it’s all good!

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley
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    • Adam Paudyal says:


      You know what man; building twitter followers has been a slow and tedious process for me as well. I am glad that I found Ana’s strategy. Now all I have left to do is implement the heck out of this strategy to see how good it is going to work for me.

      I will most likely do a follow up post on this so, hope to see you around my brother!

  5. Kimi says:

    Hi Adam,

    Though I am not Twitter fans, but those are great tips from you.

    What I hate from Twitter is that some people are spamming, though they are people I thought would not spam..

    Kimi recently posted..With or without www wordpress blogMy Profile

    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Kimi..It has been a while since I heard from you. I hope everything is going great with you. Looks like you have been very busy lately!

      Thanks for stopping by to leave your insights.

      Talk to you later..

  6. Steve says:


    Great tips. I have built a pretty large twitter following using a lot of these steps. There is still work to really engage and target some of your followers, but that s something you can work on over time.

    The only thing I do not do is DM. Personally I NEVER look at DM’s since they are mostly spam. But there are enough people out there that it probably would be a good idea to “send” out at least an introductory DM.
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    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Yup; I agree Steve. I also get a lot of spams with my DM’s but like you said; at least an introductory DM might be worth it if it prompts people to come promote their links for free!

      Let’s see how it fares out for me. Appreciate your valuable insights brother.


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  8. Adrienne says:

    Hey Adam,

    I’ve also read Ana’s post as well and I must admit, I am still trying to get my groove going as far as Twitter is concerned. But, you’ve made some very good points here.

    I am going to implement the promotional page for sure. That is on my agenda of things to do this week as a matter of fact. Love that idea.

    I do schedule tweets throughout the day but I also get on Twitter once a day and interact with others. I guess I’m doing double the work so to speak. Maybe I need to come up with a much better plan.

    Thanks Adam for this post and for the reminder. Am definitely going to work on improving my traffic to my site through Twitter. This post (and Ana’s) have reminded me that I need to get this in geer.

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    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Hey Adrienne;

      Awesome! I am glad you are going to do the promotional page.

      Keep me updated on how it goes for you..will you please (O:

      You have a good one!

  9. Alex says:

    Adam mate!

    What a great follow on to Ana’s post.
    I really got a lot from this especially the idea of getting them to your blog as fast as possible and providing that incentive. Brilliant!
    I really need to go back and look at my accounts again
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    • Adam Paudyal says:


      Yeah; I was like – why didn’t I think about this before?

      I sure am glad that I ran into Ana’s post.

      Anyways; G’day to ya mate!

  10. Ana says:

    I second every point you made, Adam! :)

    And thanks for learning and applying – the biggest compliment I could get.

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    • Adam Paudyal says:

      Thank you for providing a great strategy to get more followers and stopping by to leave your awesome insights.

      Really appreciate it Ana (O:

  11. Hi Adam

    This is my first time here. Awesome site! Hey thanks for sharing this article. It was a great article overall and you shared some statistics that I wasn’t familiar with so, great job!

    I agree with all of your points, especially when you talk about quality over quantity. But one thing I am not a fan of at all is automating my social media sites. I think social media is all about building relationships and connecting with people and I just dont think you can automate a REAL relationship with someone.

    I’ve heard great guys like Gary Vaynerchuck (who is a social media demon and extremely successful entrepreneur by the way) say that we should think of social sites like cocktail parties. More specifically, if you were at a cocktail party and were making your way through a room to join different groups, you don’t just go up to someone and make a random comment or start pitching them on your business or idea. People would be turned off immediately and would leave or avoid you.

    Yes answering messages and building meaningful relationships with people takes times but it’s the best way to do just that – build a relationship.

    People only buy from those they know ,like, or trust. I think automating relationships won’t get you in any of those categories. Just my two cents on that topic but the overall content and message of your article was very informative.

    Thanks for sharing Adam!

  12. Adam Paudyal says:

    Thanks Hector!

    I agree with you here. I am not a big fan of automating my social media sites either. I am totally with you when you say that one can’t automate a real relationship with someone!

    I know about Gary and his thoughts on how to get the most out of social media. The guy know what he is talking about!

    But you see, this tactic is all about setting the foundation to start building relationships and not automating it – even though it involves automation at first!

    Besides, we can’t forget how important role social proof like twitter followers play in the development of a brand!

    I sure would love to hear more of your thoughts on this.

    Appreciate your comments.

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